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Physical Therapy & Pain Management in Brooklyn, New York

Pain Help

Get relief without addictive medications or non-scientific remedies with help from our professional and medically-approved pain intervention practice. We are here to provide you with credible and effective options for solving chronic and short-term pain issues.

Physical Rehab

Choose the proven skills of a rehab doctor with more than 20 years of experience. We help you get back on track and back to your life with outstanding techniques.

Meet our Doctor

Get to know our chief physician and find out what makes our treatment plans superior. Our pain doctor and our physical therapists are the cream of the crop, and are dedicated to providing one-on-one assistance to all our patients.

Contact Pain Management & Rehabilitation Center in Brooklyn, New York, for pain management and physical therapy.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

We Have More than 20 Years of Experience  |  Members of the American Academy of Pain Management

About Us

Recover quickly and completely with physical therapy from Pain Management & Rehabilitation Center in Brooklyn, New York. We supply effective pain management for injury-related and chronic sufferers. Providing interventional pain management and rehabilitation services is our passion, and we believe that helping you regain your life after suffering from chronic or injury-related pain is a high calling.

Experience our patient-focused services with fast turnaround, scheduling, and response to referrals. We ensure the patients get accommodated with fast service, transportation when necessary, and anything that makes it easier to get to the office and receive the services they need. Our dedication to our patients separates us from other clinics, and our one-on-one personal, undivided attention ensures you a pleasant, as well as effective, course of treatment. For your convenience, we accept major insurances, Medicare and Medicaid HMOs, private insurance, and commercial insurance.